CoTrain will recruit and employ apprentices on demand and according to your specification. We manage all payroll and HR admin for that young person so you don't have to.

Contractors can ‘host’ an apprenticeship placement for an agreed period of time (minimum of 26 weeks) often for the duration of packages, providing them with the help they need and only when they need it. This can assist in meeting training targets that might otherwise be unachievable if not for sharing apprentices.

Contractors are invoiced a monthly recharge to recover the cost for the apprentices that they are ‘hosting’ placements for.

"CoTrain makes my life a lot easier and less work for me when recruiting a new apprentice.  I email the CoTrain team with my requirements and they then do the hard work of trying to find candidates for us.  I also trust them that they know what sort of person I am looking for."

Sally Kinchin, Wates Group

Often, training and apprenticeship targets on large developments can be passed down to the supply chain from the lead contractor, requiring them to employ an apprentice for the duration of the package on site.

The Shared Scheme can provide a solution to Contractors who are working ‘out of area’ by recruiting an apprentice on a short-term contract, helping to meet ‘local’ recruitment targets on project sites that out of their traditional recruitment area, also helping to overcome self-employed-only status objections.

We host apprenticeships in all Construction-based qualifications; examples are below.

Level 2



Formworker (new for 2024)

Interior Systems (Dry Lining)


Planned Maintenance Operative

Roofer (Roof sheet & cladding)

Roofer (Waterproof Membranes)

Highways Maintenance Skilled Operative (new for 2024)

Highways Electrical (new for 2024)

Level 3

Business Administration




Highways Electrical (New for 2024)

Civil Engineering Technician (new for 2024)

Transport Planning Technician (new for 2024)

Level 4

Construction Site Supervisor

Construction Quantity Surveyor Technician

Civil Engineering Senior technician (new for 2024)

CoTrain are happy to look at providing support for any construction or construction manufacturing apprenticeships so please contact us (Mark Pope with your requirements, as we will always collaborate to work with and support the sector.

Contact Mark Pope to find out our current rates.

  • CoTrain provides a recruitment service to contractors. It may be an apprentice's first placement or we may propose an existing CoTrain apprentice, if available who has already gained some site experience.
  • CoTrain conduct a three stage recruitment process with the first level of screening undertaken who will assess for suitability for the apprenticeship programme, before interviewing  them before putting them forward for interview with host contractors.
  • Candidates are supported during the recruitment process and coached for interview to give them the best possible chance of gaining a placement. All apprentices commence placements with a ‘pass’ CSCS test, basic tools, PPE and a travel allowance of up to £25 per week.
  • An experienced apprentice will be looking for a new contractor to 'host' the next stage of their apprenticeship learning.

 Contact us to find out which of our apprentices might be available soon.

  • 'Host' contractors and apprentices are supported by a CITB Apprenticeship Officer who will conduct site visits every 10-12 weeks. They will work closely with college tutors and assessors, who will also conduct site visits, to monitor the progress of apprentices and to also provide guidance for hosts on how they can best support the young people they have working with them; to ensure apprentices stay on track and achieve in a timely manner.
  • CoTrain will also visit apprentices on site to further support the contractors hosting placements and also to provide apprentices with additional work-based support.
  • CoTrain regularly monitors attendance and absences, provides pastoral care for apprentices and supports hosts with regular apprentice reviews.
  • CoTrain provide apprentices with a travel allowance of up to £25 per week, pays for CSCS test and card and also provides basic PPE and tools ensuring apprentices are ‘work ready’.
  • Work Based Recorder Training can be provided by CITB, free of charge, and aims to support those people on site that are responsible for mentoring or supervising young apprentices, perhaps for the first time.

For more information on Work Based Recorder Training please contact the CoTrain Team on 0118 920 7201

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